Dhaya Dorje Yogi and teacher

Dhaya Dorje YogiYogi, therapist, teacher, and guide at the service of Evolution, the Masters and the Great All.

About Dhaya Dorje

Born in 1961 in Nice France, Dhaya Dorje as been dedicating his life to the study and practice of Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Tai Ji and Tao. His approach is nondual and holistic.

He has more than 25 years of experience, practicing diverse approach of Yoga, Meditation to no Meditation, Healing, in the Indian, Tibetan, Thai, Chinese and Occidental tradition. He has been teaching and guiding retreats in diverse countries like Europe, Israel, USA, Canada, India, Nepal, China, Malaysia…

Since  20 years Dhaya Dorje is spending most of his time in Asia especially in India and since two years in China where his time is shared between personal retreat, service, meeting with numerous Masters and Yogis, sharing his knowledge, teaching, and guiding people on the path of self-mastery and freedoms. He is a bridge between the Orient and the Occident. He is there to guide you to discover your real nature and to bring out your true potentiality as a Free Human Being

He is here to help each individual coming to him to become a free Beings, to guide them on the path that leads to Global health and achievement of Self Mastery and to guide you on the path of a Global Ascension.

After 30 years of regular sadhana and studies, the message from the Tao Dragon Buddha realm has been revealed to Him.

It is with great honor and respect to all my teachers from this life and the past ones that I am sharing these teachings and message with you. Nothing is new. It is just put into a new light, with an approach more adapted to our modern society. It is free from all kinds of dependencies. I respect all schools and teachers. Everyone has his part to do in this world but the time has come for me to present the teachings in a way that has been expressed through me. The Dragon realm is a space free from any power game, entanglement, and control. It is a space where the Sacred Feminine manifestation is a must.

Yoga Master and teacher; a Spiritual guide at the service of Evolution, the Masters, and the Great All.

Yoga Teacher : Tibetan ( five Tibetans, Tsa lung thigle…), Indian (Sivananda Yoga teacher diploma obtain in 1997, 500 hrs at Vyasa Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh India and founder of Ambalam (Grace Light) Yoga, Buddha Dragon Path.. , Chinese (Qi Gong, Tai Ji, practice for more than 25 years), Dragon Buddha Hermit Yoga (Ruesri Datton the Dragon Buddha way), Tantra Yoga…

Meditation Teacher: Tibetan, Taoist, Buddhist, Indian and Christian toward the nondual way path to Self-liberation.

We can spend life time comparing, analyzing; there is only one truth, it is found in the individual experience that leads to Knowledge.

Must we name what is not nameable?

Must we belong to something?

Free, the mind calm and unchanging, the aspirant contemplates itself, in the present, participating in the immortality of the divine work.

He creates this inner space, not to empty himself, but for the peace, he found. This peace is an undefinable state that allows the descent of the superior planes.



Dhaya Dorje Therapist and guide

– Practitioner, and teacher of Thai Yoga massage: certified in What Po, Thailand; Lotus Palm in Montreal; Sunshine school in Thailand; Loikroi school Thailand, ITM Thailand, Jack from Nerve touch Thailand.- A practitioner therapist in Chi Nei Tsang style Ni formed by Khun Ohm Rinraya Chiang Mai Thailand. Ohm Rinraya was formed directly by Khun Ni (A Bunjong Pun). Khun Nor was the co – creator of the style of Chi Nei Tsang Master Mantak Chia.- Therapist, the One that takes care of the Being, the Spirit (diploma: Bio Energetician of the Academy of Chinese medicine in Paris 1996).- Reiki Usui Master since 1997 (level 1 in 1992).- Guide and life coach.