Dragon Buddha Thai Yoga

Where does Dragon Buddha Thai Yoga comes from?

Dragon Buddha hermit yoga

Dragon Buddha Hermit Yoga as been put together by Dhaya Dorje Yogi after studying , practicing and making research on Ruesri Datton or Thai Buddhist Hermit Yoga in Thailand . Dhaya Dorje was guided by divers ascended Ruesri Datton from the past to put together a practice that is related to his experience of Ruesri Datton and Buddhist teaching. The teachings are connected to the Dragon Buddhist realm, a realm that is beyond any dogma, free from everything. It goes beyond religions.. This is not a fantasy in many sutras that Lord Buddha speaks about Dragons, many yogis in Tibet, India and Taoist Immortals have manifested and experimented the Dragon’s dimension and energies!

Sarnath Buddha

 The origins of Ruesri Datton

or Thai Yoga or Buddhist Hermit Yoga

Thai Yoga Ruesri Datton The Ruesri Datton goes back to the time of Buddha and even prior because Ruesri or Luesri or Rishis are the same word. If we keep it as a Buddhist practice it is Ruesri Datton then we can say that it was created by Buddhist hermits or Rishis in Thailand.
 Thailand being situated between China and India, it was the hub, the central point of Asia and received influences from the neighboring countries.

More than 2400 years ago, Buddha Gautama discovered a new approach to spirituality, to end the Human suffering. His message and his teachings have taken different forms.
After the Buddha’s enlightenment, many hermits decided to isolate themselves and live in remote areas. Practicing meditation for hours, their bodies were put to the test: tensions that could lead to sickness started to develop. They needed to find a system that would allow them to release the pain and maintain their overall health. Some hermits had knowledge of Ayurveda and Thai massage, others of Chinese medicine and martial arts. They could have been treated by a healer monk trained in traditional Thai medicine, but what could they do alone, in the wilderness?  Confronted with this immediate need and using their knowledge of traditional medicine and paying attention to the human body, they created the Ruesri Datton.

Today certain voices claim that Ruesri Datton is not as spiritual as the Indian Yoga. This in fact reflects a limited understanding of Ruesri Datton. The Ruesri Datton tradition and teachings were almost lost for many years. It is only during the reign of Rama 1 and 3, that the Ruesri Datton was revealed to What Po, Bangkok, Thailand. Today, the Ruesri Datton has been revived, but even in Thailand the teachings are not complete yet.

The only way to rediscover this knowledge is to practice under the guidance of the ascendant Ruesri Datton Master hermits who would allow us to reconnect to this ancestral knowledge. These Masters have asked Dhaya Dorje to revive their teachings.
For the last 20 years, Dhaya Dorje has been practicing and teaching Tibetan, Indian and Chinese Yoga. His discovery of Ruesri Datton has been a wonderful experience and is of significant help to everyone.

The practice of Ruesri Datton:

 Ruesri Ta Fa
Ruesri Ta Fa

 Ruesi or Ruesri: practice the teachings of Buddha and focus with: The meditation that, in the beginning, leads to: –  Dhyana which is a combination of relaxation, focus, calm and peacefulness; –  later on, when the mirror of our spirit becomes clear, to awareness of all internal and external movement. –  this awareness creates the space for transcendental wisdom or Prajna.

The Prayer: how to open up your heart, the why and how of the prayer, and the way it works.

The Study: of Buddha`s message in the modern times, consideration and questioning that leads to Knowledge.

Dat ton: The one who practices the stretchings developed by monks:

Stretching exercises can be done by everyone. They stimulate the internal organs and the entire body. Regular and correct stretching improves circulation to all the muscles and organs as well as joint movement. All pain and tension accumulated in the body will disappear.

Self-massage: it improves the circulation and stimulates the elasticity of the blood vessels, relaxes the muscles and opens up the energy lines.

Breathing exercises: breathe in and out correctly to increase the opening of the diaphragm and bring more oxygen to every cell in the body. Breathing exercises help to clear the mind and improve concentration, a true meditation in action. This practice brings a lot of joy and well-being to all our cells and the entire body.

Buddha Palm Healing: Transmission and initiation into the healing energy that emanates from the inner Buddha and the gracious ALL. The goal is to get to the point where using the palm of the hands all sickness and pain would diminish and be healed.
It is the practice of Metta, which is the expression of Love, Compassion and Kindness in all its glory.


Dragon Buddha hermit yoga Dhaya DorjeLevel 1. in 2 days, can be  followed with a 5 days retreat

– Dragon Buddha message and way of life

–  How to integrate the message and the teachings of Buddha in daily life and into your spiritual practice..

– Develop proper breathing

– Prayer and invocation

– Salutation and refuge

– 40 poses of Dragon Buddha hermit yoga.

– Introduction to sem lines and nadis. How Ruesri Datton work compare to Hatha Yoga.

– Foundation of Chan meditation, seating like a Buddha

– Learn the true mining of relaxation.

– How to integrate in daily life.

– About vegetarism.            


Dragon Buddha hermit Yoga Dhaya Dorje 2Level 2 in 2 days, can be  followed with a 5 days retreat

– We are advancing into the practice of Chan meditation, Buddha teachings and self healing. We will learn an other 20 postures of Dragon Buddha hermit yoga.

– Introduction to Buddhist medicine and Buddha palm healing.

– Learn and apply some of the Ruesri Datton stretch on others with the practice of Thai Yoga massage.

– Heart sutra : teaching, salutation, mantra, dance and chant

– Abdominal self massage


Dragon Buddha hermit yoga Dhaya Dorje 3Level 3
in 2 days

Revue and learn the remaining pauses poses

– Chan meditation

– The advance way to practice each pauses

– Ruesri Datton meditation and the astral body .

– How to create your practice.


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 Dragon Buddha Ruesri Datton


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