Thai Yoga and Massage


Objectives of the Buddha Thai Yoga Massage Course

At the end of the course, you will:

1. Be able to give a full-body Thai yoga massage using the four traditional positions (client lying on the back, lying flat on his stomach, on the side and sitting down) while being aware of the benefits and the contra-indications of this type of massage.

2. Master the specific Thai yoga techniques, while giving a floor massage:

– correct use of the hands, the feet, the elbows and the knees

– correct use of your body weight

– stretching of the muscle chains (positions similar to yoga stances)

3. Identify and work with the energy lines specific to the eastern traditions, philosophy and techniques.
4. Better understand the energies within and around us and how you can use them for your and the client’s well being.

5. Maintain your overall health by practicing meditation, self Thai yoga massage, Thai Chi, the practice of the Hands of Light, and having an appropriate diet.

During the course you will learn:

The meditation that, in the beginning, leads to Dhyana which is a combination of relaxation, focus, calm and peacefulness; and later on, when the mirror of our spirit becomes clear, to awareness of all internal and external movement. This awareness creates the space for transcendental wisdom or Prajna.

Prayer and Mantra: How to open up your heart, the why and how of the prayer, and the way it works.

Auto-massage: it improves the circulation and stimulates the elasticity of the blood vessels, relaxes the muscles and opens up the energy lines.

Develop and understand the internal and external energies: Thai Chi the four corners practiced by yourself and in two. Ba duan Jin Qi Gong
Breathing exercises: breathe in and out correctly to increase the opening of the diaphragm and bring more oxygen to every cell in the body. Breathing exercises help to clear the mind and improve concentration, a true meditation in action.


Hands of Light:Transmission andinitiationto the healing energy thatemanates from the inner Buddha and the gracious ALL. The energy is rechanneled through the hands.

Hermit stretching exercises or Thai Yoga can be done by everyone. They stimulate the internal organs and the whole body, from head to toes. Regular and correct stretching improves circulation to all the muscles and organs as well as articulation movement. All pain and tension accumulated in the body will disappear.

ThaïYoga massage: After being initiated and having acquired some knowledge through personal practice of stretching, auto-massage and meditation, you will be initiated to the Thai Yoga massage or Nuad Boram.

Buddha Thai Yoga massage level 1: 5 weekends or 10 days


Weekend 1: Introduction and basic principles
*Stretching and auto-massage
*Thai Chi the Four Corners
*Meditation level 1 Dhyana
*The prayer, the time to ground ourselves and communicate with the Higher Self.
*Auto massage and stretching of the Sen lines of the feet and legs
*Transmission of the hand healing method: Buddha palm healing (different from Reiki)
*Positions of the Thai massage practitioner
*Introduction to the Sen energy lines
*Pressure techniques with the palms (palming)
*Fist pressure techniques for the legs.

*Introduction and study of Thai massage for a 30 to 45 minute massage session.
*Opening prayer: approach/attitude and state of being
*Energy opening or the air of life
*Basic massage positions for the feet (pressure points, stretching, ankle rotation)

* Leg palm massage, on the inside and on the outside of the leg
*Basic stretching of the legs
*Contact with the abdomen by laying on of hands, meeting point of energy lines
*Hand and Arm palm massage
*Back palm massage and opening stretching (cobra, grasshopper)
*Shoulder palm massage and opening movement for the shoulders, followed by a stretching of the back and palm massage

*Hands on the eyes and head, we bring together the pranas in the head which is the center of the soul and meeting point for the energy lines.
*Closing and salutation

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