Dragon Buddha Ati Yoga


     Yogis and Yogini's have always chosen to retrieve in the wild mountain away from the material world to develop their spiritual practice. In a natural environment and the help of Yogic methods, the guidance of Dhaya Dorje and a good motivation intention from your part; all the ingredient are there for you to get in touch with who you really are and experiment your natural state, Buddha nature, the Divine in you..and develop more inner knowledge of how you are made and function. It is a great opportunity to found a deeper meaning and understanding to your life and to contribute to the evolution of this planet.

The teaching

  • Preparation and opening of the  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body with diverses type of Yoga, healing and energy art, adjusted to the goop need.

Dragon Buddha Ati Yoga : A terma (hidden treasure teaching) that he as receive in diverse steps while practicing in the Himalayas from Nepal to China. This is the first part of this teaching.

  • 5 Dragon Buddha Kum Nye a set of  exercises and self massage that affect the psychophysical system in order to create effect which can be employed in order to achieve realization.
  • 5 elements Dragon Buddha Tsa Lung Thigle practice. Balance , harmonize the 5 elements in you and around you, integrate the diverses experiences with the 5 elements ...

Both are a very good practices to clear your negativities, karma, balance our inner organs and elements energy, so you can experiment your natural condition.

  • Dakini pranayama and dance
  • Dragon Buddha  pranayama, opening the kati channel
  • Walking on Earth with open heart and with a mind like the sky.

We will also develop a deeper relationship with the 5 elements and Mother Earth, Nature, not only contributing to the healing, harmonizing in us but also around us. 

This terma will continue with the Dzogchen series of mind and space. Connected to two first statement of Garab Dorje: direct introduction and going beyond doubts,

You be ask to do some individual practices and to retrieve in your tent or in nature doing nothing, away from any stimulation of the 5 senses.

This kind of teaching goes beyond words, ideas, philosophy, religion, dogma...

It is all about experience and not being separated that make the Union to Be, This is real Yoga !

The depth of what you will experiment and the inner knowledge  you will gain during this retreat letting  your original nature manifest, is beyond words.

Most great things happen in silence and are very simple.

Those teachings go directly to the essence, there is no space to hide or to fool yourself. 

Creating the space for your original heart to Be by blending with nature, Opening and harmonizing the body and energy , unveiling the mind, letting go all conditioning and control…  

Your mind will be like the infinite space free from every thing in  total awareness / presence, your heart will return to its Original ways. You will experiment, have no more doubt about original state, what it means to do nothing and that all is perfect since the beginning. 

I m not able to express the depth of this retreat and teaching you just need to feel if you have the call! Follow your heart.



- 10 days retreat  going beyond any doughts 

-  10 days retreat of  Trekchod, Thogal  and creating the immortal body.