Grace Light / Ambalam Yoga

The Knowledge emerging from Ambalam Yoga comes from the union of East and West; the union between spirit and matter. This knowledge is open to all and for all. It is a spiritual practice that helps each individual to consciously take part in a complete evolution process, …physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Ambalam Yoga provides you with the necessary tools and guidance to fully accept to be One in your physical body with the Vast Grace Light, Tao or God.

We must always have in mind and at heart that the main objective is to become a Divine Human Being who truly manifests Compassion, knowledge and absolute Felicity.

Grace Light Yoga

The path of  Grace Light Yoga is:

Self-Realisation: Discover your true nature, identifying yourself more and more with the soul and Divine consciousness that resides in each of your cells and less with your life story and character. Learn to stay present in all that manifests inside you and around you. Learn to recognise the Divine in all life that surrounds us.

Self-Responsibility: You are the Master of your Self and your life. Everything that happens to you and in your life is your creation. Each event occurs to bring you a blessed lesson. The exterior is the mirror of the interior and of your condition. Your inner state is reflected around you and therefore outside of you.

Self-Healing: The transformation generating Health and Longevity. Once you have learnt to bring a larger quantity of luminous energy that emanates from the vibrations of higher planes, that your body, your centres and energetic channels are opened and that you have become the master of your thoughts and emotions, your body has then the capacity to self-heal. It is the door of global health that leads to Longevity. From there, the next step is to re-organise and re-program your DNA, in turn creating a new race.

Self-Liberation: Discover your true nature. Once it is set in you, everything self-liberates. You have become this luminous presence that inhabits your whole self. You dance with Life in felicity and infinite love, at one with yournature’s perfection. The doors of Knowledge open before you.

Service and Universal Love: the expression of universal Love and Compassion is expressed through service with no expectations in return.

The practices of  Grace Light Yoga :

Dhaya Dorje Yogi

Hatha Kundalini Yoga of movement: Is compose of 3 salutation and divers series of postures or asana with divers type of viniyasa ( transition movements between postures), movements that allows the circulation and Qi development, the Yang and Yin phases in the practice, movement and breathing… A global practice that is the synthesis of physical Indian Yoga from the Rishis and Siddhas of south India with some T

Pranayama: Bases and practices of pranayama through: Mahavatar Babaji’s Kriya Yoga, Ati Yoga, Essenians and Taoïsts’ pranayama…

Kriya yoga: Action, knowledge and devotion. Diverse Kriyas and physical actions enabling us to experience our energy and to enter in Union with the soul.

Dances and sacred movements: In various spiritual traditions, the sacred dance has always been used as ways of expression and in motion meditation prayers. You can trace sacred dances in Tibetan, Indian, Soufists, Essenians, ancient Egyptians and many more traditions. It creates a bridge and union between body, soul and mind and awakens the Sacred Femininity that resides in all of us. During this course, the essence of these dances will be conveyed to you; you will learn several coded dances, each providing a specific action on you and your environment.

Meditation and Prayer: The four steps of meditation toward contemplation:

-Meditation through the physical body

-Meditation through the mental body and the five senses

-Meditation through the life force

-Meditation through the soul

These steps will lead us to Mystical Contemplation

Once the transmission and the practice of each steps are performed, it does not mean that the aspirant will be capable of remaining in the state of contemplation of the Vast Grace Light, but that he will receive, from the Grace of God, moments that will enable him to evolve and increase his inner consciousness.

Contemplation: transmission of methods permitting to experiment contemplation and to go beyond doubt.

Yoga of Sound: First came the verb thus the sound. Initiation of sounds that heal and transforms, utilisation of singing bowls and gong to accompany your practice. How to use and apply a sound so it exerts a maximal effect.

Sacred Chants of diverse traditions: These chants open the heart. They will transform the energy and atmosphere and increase the vibratory rates inside you and around you.

Yogic anatomy and physiology: Basic study of western (of the diverse human systems) and eastern (chakras, nadis, meridians) approaches.

The process of transformation: Healing of the Being and its steps: healing energy, the causes of illness, meditation practice to remove obstacles, reversing the process of DNA…

Helping Action: Developing love, compassion and soul nourishment.

The Art of Living according to the Ayurveda, the Siddhas, the Essenians : Studies and basic foundations of these great sciences.

We must always have in mind and at heart that the main objective is to become a Divine Human Being who truly manifests Compassion, consciousness and absolute Felicity.


Level 1 : Activating the Light body

Develop a body of Knowledge, Bliss, Eternal youth and Grace.

In those two days we will discover and learn how to activate, clear and heal with our body of light in a masculine and feminine way.

We will gain a deeper understanding of how we are made and function.

We will cover methods of activation of the light body using the physical, the mental emotional and spiritual body.

We will learn more about what it means to have a spiritual life and a well balance life in harmony with All…

“We will follow the teachings of two great Masters : Vallalar king of the Siddhas and Mahavatar Babaji

The Grace Light yoga sadhana
VallalarTeachings of Vallalar about the Grace and Light and transformation into a light body.

Including :

Healing  hands, APJ  salutation ,meditation  and  prayer ,  worship  of  the  Light why and how.. .

Babaji Kriya Yoga initiation , teaching and practice

BabajiInclude pranayama  meditation on  chakras  and  some  preparation  asanas…

Level 2:  Divine Mother  and Divine nutrition

As many Siddhas have told us if we want to achieve some inner transformation one must understand and realize the Feminine inside himself or herself. During this two days we will continue the Grace Light yoga sadhana in a more Feminine way so we can surrender and abendonate ourself to the Divine Grace, becoming an instrument of Divine consciousness.

We will learn about the meaning and how to of Divine Nutrition…..

Level 3:  Lifting the seven veils.


Level 4: Reversing the process of DNA path toward total mastery



Books written by Dhaya Dorje Yogi connected to Grace Light Yoga 

Vallalar embodiment of Grace Light publish in India in 2005

Vallalar embodiment of Grace Light

Deux grands Maitres Esseniens Villar et Jesus. publish in France i

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 00.01.27

Grace Light Yoga in five steps

Available on Kindle Amazon and Ibook store

 Grace Light Yoga in 5 steps