Sacred journey adventure travel with Dhaya Dorje

It is a time where you can go in the depth of your Being and enjoy diverse cultures, traditions and the beauty of Mother nature. Each country, culture, situation, sacred place plays as a mirror, creating a secondary cause for healing, transformation, new experience to arise.This interplay will help you to reconnect with past knowledge that you might have gained there, or liberate the karma connected to the place and tradition.

It is a time where you can reconnect to the past memories, connected to the tradition you are traveling to. A time to gain your knowledge back and let go what is not necessary any more connected to the tradition, culture, and place you travel.Great experiences and fantastic healing are taking place during those journeys.

It is a time of service where we can give healing to the place and help people in need while you travel.
During the Sacred journey teaching and practice on yoga, Tai ji, meditation, self-healing… will be given. The topic of the teaching will be adjusted to the place we visit.

Those travels can be done in private or in a group of maximum 6 persons.

China : Taoist sacred mountains

15 days in September or April, May. The Sacred journey will start in the ancient city of Xi an with the 8 immortal temple.We will continue to Huashan, Zhongnan Shan Daoist temple, and Lao Tzu cave. Then travel to Wudang shan the birth place of Tai ji, continue to Huangshan. Return to the city of arrival. The teaching and practice will be based on Tao.

Nepal : Land of the Himalayan Tantric Yogis and Yoginis

A 15 or 21 days Sacred journey adventure possible in October, November, March, April, May. We visit the main sacred places of Kathmandu valley, then travel to beautiful Pokhara. From Pokhara, we travel into the Anapurna range and trek combining with Yoga practice, Meditation, Yogic Shamanic healing and journey in many Sacred places like Guru Rimpoche cave, the sacred flame and water of Muktinath, Guru Rimpoche and Christ heart lake and much more. The teaching during this Sacred Journey is more connected to the Tibetan and Indian Tantrism.

North India : Land of Vishnu to Buddha

15 days in November.December Arrive in Delhi fly to Bodhgaya where we meet. Buddha attained enlightenment in Bodhgaya, practice and visit the diverse temples and sites ... You will receive teaching and empowerment on Buddha teaching and message... Then we fly to Varanasi the holiest city in India where we spend two night and visit Sarnath where Buddha gave his first teaching. Fly to Delhi and train to Hariward ..., direction Rishikesh the capital of Yoga where we go deeper into the teachings of Hatha Yoga enjoying practice on the sandy beach of Ganga and visiting diverse Ashram. Back to Delhi.

South India : Land of the Siddhas

15 days in December- January Fly to Chennai, visit Pondicherry Auroville, travel to Ginge then Thiruvanamalai and the sacred mountain of Arunachala where we stay 5 days, we continue our journey to Chidambaram with the visit of Siva Nataraja golden temple, then proceed to Vadalur residence of Saint Ramalinga or Vallalar, return toward Chennai stop one night in Mahamalipulam, next day in Chenna. The teaching during this sacred journey is based on Grace Light Yoga.