Adi ou Ati Yoga is the king of all Yoga .

It is the ultimate PATH to self liberation for all Being.

 CE Yoga Alliance 200 hr in 3 module

With Dhaya Dorje

In the pure tradition of Shiva this program requires much commitment with the direct transmission from Master to student and a small group of maximum 4 in France or 8 in some other places..

 A personal work is required between each module with a practice of minimum 133 hours. A  support via skype is possible if required.

 At the end of the training the final teaching and evaluation will take place for 3 days, this can be done after the sacred journey and teaching in South India or in an other location.

This training is also available to any one that wish to create a strong fondation in his practice of Yoga. And also for all Yoga teachers that which to become  a yogi or yogini in harmony with the Spirit of Yoga and the non dual path of Integral Adi Yoga.

During this teaching you will practice and learn the Yoga from the Rishis of North India and the Yoga of the Siddhas of South India. 

 The practice of Integral Adi Yoga ( or Primordial Yoga) bring a  deep knowledge of Yoga at the physical, mental emotional and spiritual level.

 With its diverse approach this Yoga allows you to access to your True nature and Knowledge that  comes from your own inner experiences.

Integral Adi Yoga is an authentic Yoga that bring to a global health, self liberation and realization of who we are.

This Yoga taught by Dhaya Dorje is the path of:

Self liberation

Self responsibility

Self healing and transformation

Self liberation

Service without interest  

Universal Love  towards all life

This training is the foundation toward the more advence practices of Adi Yoga from the Indian tradition  and the Ati Yoga from the Buddhist tradition.

Module 1

The fondation of all Yoga

From July  8 to July 21 2018 .14 jours 1400 Euros in South of France with a  maximum of 4 students.

Yoga from the Rishis of North India

( The 8 limbs Yoga: Raja, Bhakti, Jnana, Karma, Tantra, Kriya, Kundalini, Hatha. In the Adi Yoga vision )

Yoga from the Siddhas of South India

( Asanas , salutations , meditation , self healing , chant of Grace,  sacred movements or dance,  service without interest the expression of Compassion, rejuvenation ….) 

Physiology and anatomy of the Yogi and Yogini

The Ayurveda and Siddha medicine science of anatomy and physiology ( module 2)

Occidental physiology and anatomy  

Teaching techniques and line of conduct …( module 3)

For more details please ask.

Module 2 in South India or other places to be define(  Going deeper )

 Land of the Siddhas of South India

15 days  from November 25  to December  2100 euros with a French group  maxi 4 .

( 3 jours supplémentaire si on fait le module 3 sur place)

Day 1 : Arv Chennai, taxi Pondicherry ( 3 hrs)

Day 2 : Visit Auroville and Pondicherry Ashram

Day 3: Beach, Yoga  and visit of the Broken Shiva lingam temple

Day 4: taxi Thiruvanamalai ( 2 hrs) visit Ashrams

Day 5: Ascention  of  Shiva mountain,  Arunachala

Day 6 to 12 : 7 days retreat, teaching with 4 days of silence

( 7 night)  location to be define between Thiruvanmalai and Vadalur.  

Day 13 : taxi and visit of Vadalur ( Vallalar place) - Chidambaram ( one of the most important Shiva temple)

Day 14 : Return toPondicherry

Day 15 : Taxi Chennai ( 3 hrs) pour le vol retour

Module 3

3 days evaluation and teachings that can be done at the end of the South  India sacred journey or other location.